Creation of the IPR Alliance

tl_files/ipr-alliance/About Us/History/Zip.pngThe Intellectual Property Rights Alliance (IPR Alliance) is a private initiative dedicated to the support and advancement of intellectual property rights as elements of fair and effective commerce.

The Alliance was started and supported by the European Power Plant Suppliers Association (EPPSA), since several of its members have suffered from infringements of their intellectual property rights.

In October 2012, during the VGB Congress in Mannheim, EPPSA officially welcomed the Alliance and pushed towards the creation of an independent and IP-dedicated lobby group.

Following to the first stakeholder information meeting held the 11 December 2012, the IPR Alliance began to closely dialogue with stakeholders to define the IP-related topics which hinder technology and equipment providers’ economies.

During the following months the IPR Alliance will aggregate the different inputs received, drafting a strategic plan together with the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute for IPR and the I3PM. This document will be presented in a later stage and will form the basis for a first IPR Alliance lobby activity.