The Structure of the IPR Alliance


Following the EPPSA members inputs, the IPR Alliance wants to provide a qualitative lobby activity in the IP policy field. Its members will pinpoint the problems while the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute for IPR, a renowned IP academic institute, will provide a substantive and deep analysis of those problems. Eventually, the the I3PM, a network of IP lawyers and experts, will further complement this analysis by submitting it to an ad hoc reality check.

Technology providers (Members)

All technology providers or equipment suppliers who believe that a cost effective, high quality IPR framework is a critical component in industry's present and future successes in the global economy and therefore want to voice their concerns and see their needs implemented.

Steinbeis Transfer Institute for IPR (STI)

The Steinbeis University via the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute for IPR (STI) works as a knowledge and technology transfer partner to companies in trade and industry. Its core services encompass: research and development, consulting, and – as a basis for all of this – education.

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The International Institute for IP Management (I3PM)

The International Institute for IP Management is an association of IP managers dedicated to promoting the field of IP, and thereby to enhance the emergence of a dynamic IP-driven economy.

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